Will YOU Be the One?

“O give thanks unto the LORD; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people.” Psalm 105.1

It seems today that the “Great Commission” has become the “Great Omission” in many parts of Christendom. The need of the world to hear the gospel of hope increases by leaps and bounds every day. When I think about churches who do not have a passion for missions, I am broken-hearted. When I think about individual believers who look at the world and say, “Who cares?” I am amazed that they can not be broken for the lost. The words found here in Psalm 105 remind us that ALL of God’s people have a responsibility to “make known his deeds  among the people.”
When I think about the magnitude of God’s love, I am forced to acknowledge that His Son died “for the sins of the world.” But there are so many in the world who have yet to hear. We often hear it said that “God only had one son and he was a missionary!” There is a great missionary song entitled “Each One Reach One.” It is sung by Babbie Mason. Here are some of the words: “Today a man is somewhere proclaiming the good news, Winning families to Jesus all around his neighborhood. He tells them that God is able to make their house a home. He wants to win his world for Christ, but he can’t do it alone.” Here are the words to the chorus: “But each one can reach one. As we follow after Christ we all can lead one. We can lead one to the Savior, And together we can tell the world that Jesus is the way, If we each one reach one.” Can we be one of the “ones” to reach one – perhaps today? I pray the we can. Just my thoughts …

Pastor Jerry


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