Tapping in to REAL Power!

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4.13

The daily task of walking with God and fulfilling His purpose in our lives for the sake of His kingdom is one that may appear overwhelming at times. Satan will cause us to think that God is asking TOO MUCH of us and we can’t POSSIBLY do it all. Well, the truth of the matter is this,God only asks for obedience from us and when we are ready to acknowledge our willingness to obey, everything else is in His hands.When the decision to obey is reached, this verse above comes in to play. God NEVER asks us to do anything that He is not willing and able to give us the :strength” to accomplish.
It is true that we cannot serve God in our own strength. When we look at the initial attempt to serve God in one’s own strength, we see Eve’s failure in Genesis 3. Satan was right there, urging her on to “make your own decision. It’s your life. Live it the way YOU want.” The matter of willing obedience to our Heavenly Father places us right where God wants us so that He CAN help us “do all things through Christ Who strengthens (us).” Does the phrase “all things” just apply to spiritual things? I don’t think so. I believe God wants us to live our WHOLE life in such a way that we rely on His strength to get us through any circumstance that comes our way. Take time today to acknowledge your need before God, then to willingly obey all you know He wants you to do for Him, and allow His power to provide the strength you need. Just my thoughts …

Pastor Jerry


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