Go Ahead! Give It Up!

“Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.” Psalm 55.22

Some days I get up and my feet have scarcely hit the floor when I begin to realize that the WEIGHT of the day before me is MORE than I can handle. So when I read this verse this morning, my heart rejoiced – again – at the realization of the truth that “the LORD” wants to carry my burden FOR ME. If ever there was a child of God who was plagued with “burdens” it was David. Some of those burdens came from dealing with others, and some of those burdens were of his own making. But the verse does NOT say, “Just give me the burdens that others have put on you.” God told David, and He is telling you and me right now, “Cast YOUR burden on the LORD, and he SHALL sustain you.” I paid attention in English class and I remember learning that when you use SHALL in the third person, it becomes a very powerful statement of certainty. This promise from the LORD is a certainty – nothing is going to change His promise to us.
Look at the second phrase: “he shall (there it is again) NEVER suffer the righteous to be moved.” When you and I do what God asks in the first part of this verse, He does what He promised in the second half of the verse. The burdens we have given to the Lord are not going to weigh us down. The obstacles of the day that come are not going to make us circumvent the plan that God has laid out for us. The added issues that will come as our day progresses must be given over to the Lord. We must do the giving and He will do the protecting. That seems like a pretty good exchange to me. I give Him what I cannot handle and He steps in to protect me from whatever comes. I’m all good with that. How about you? Just my thoughts …

Pastor Jerry


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