Is He Enough?

“Better is little with the fear of the LORD than great treasure and trouble therewith.” Proverbs 15.16

There are a lot of things that I DON’T know. But Solomon here gives us a principle that I am learning and that will guide you if you will allow it. Let’s take a look: Once we begin to understand “the fear of the LORD” life takes on a completely new dimension. Again, the use of the word “fear” here is used in the sense of “standing in awe of Who God is.” Once we reach a place in our walk with God that allows us to understand something of God’s greatness, His power, His purpose for His children, and His great love for us, we can then BEGIN to trust Him FOR everything and IN everything. When we have “little” we still have the Lord. When we think we have everything we need or want but don’t have the “fear of the LORD,” we actually have nothing of lasting value.
The contrast presented of having “little” and having “great treasure” demonstrates different stages of life for many of us. We can REMEMBER when we had “little” and we may also be able to remember a time when we had “great treasure” and that isn’t always a reference to wealth. It could refer to relationships in life. The contrast is this … if we have great treasure and do not have the “fear of the LORD,” we have very little and that portion of life brings trouble. It seems to me that one of the important truths that Solomon is getting at here is the matter of CONTENTMENT. When we are walking in “the fear of the LORD,” CONTENTMENT is something that is a SUPERNATURAL result of that walk. If my heart is fixed simply on finding “great treasure” I am going to always struggle being content because my NATURAL self will ALWAYS want more of whatever I have. Wouldn’t it be good for us all if TODAY we could/would focus on having a proper view of Who God is in our lives? That will bring a sense of contentment that this world and even Satan himself cannot touch. Just my thoughts …

Pastor Jerry


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