Let Him LOVE You!

“Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8.39

“The love of God” – can we even wrap our heads around the concept of God loving us? Can we grasp the magnitude of God’s love? Look at the words Paul uses to describe the things that CANNOT separate us from this love that God has for us: (1) death, (2) nor life, (3)nor angels, (4) nor principalities, (5) nor powers, (6) nor things present, (7) nor things to come, (8) Nor height, (9) nor depth, (10) nor any other creature. There is NOTHING that Paul can possibly name that qualifies as a deterrent to God’s love for us. His phrase: “nor ANY OTHER CREATURE” covers all the bases.
Now, God’s love for us is NOT determined by any thing we do or do not do. His love for us is an act of His WILL – He chooses to love us JUST THE WAY WE ARE. There is NOTHING we can do to make God love us MORE. Nor is there anything we can do to make God love us LESS. So we can STOP trying to perform for God in order for Him to love us more. That allows us to SERVE Him our of a heart of love and devotion – not with any compulsion to perform to make Him happy with us.
What is YOUR motivation for serving God? Or what is  your excuse for not serving God from a willing heart? Put aside the idea of service for love and in its place embrace love as your motivation for service. Watch what God does then in your spirit! Just My Thoughts  …


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