Just THINK About It!

“A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” Proverbs 15.4

It seems to me that some people are born in the “negative” case and the “accusative” mood. What do I mean by that? Every word out of their mouth is a harsh word. It seems to me that we would be wise to give some thought to the way we answer others. There is no need for us to exacerbate a difficult situation simply because we do not take the time to weigh our words before speaking them.
We, as God’s children, have an ongoing responsibility to represent Christ well – that includes knowing when we need to give a “soft answer”. Representing Christ demands of you and me that we take our focus off ourselves and place it squarely on the person of Christ. I want each of us to think back across this last week and ask ourselves, “How many times did I fail to give a soft answer that could have turned away wrath?” Is there sufficient motivation in walking with the Lord for us to take this matter seriously? I believe so. Solomon reminds us, “grievous words stir up anger.” Self-examination is of little value unless it brings change to our lives. Ask God to give you the spiritual strength to make the necessary changes that will allow the world to see the glory of God through you. Just My Thoughts  …


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