What Gives God Pleasure?

“The LORD taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.” Psalm 147.11

I’m not sure how you view this verse, but I find myself asking the question; ‘Does the Lord take PLEASURE in ME?’ Since He takes pleasure in those who fear Him, what does that mean – to me; what does that look like in my life? I believe that I fear God in the proper definition of that word. I know I am in awe of ALL that God  has done in my life – not just in my recent past, but especially in my recent past. God’s very nature as my Heavenly Father has been displayed so powerfully. I could easily step back and look at my life and be paralyzed by the unknown future, but WHY? I have never known the future – it is just a little more complex right now.
What does fearing God look like in my life? I don’t get up each morning and pray, “Don’t kill me if I do something wrong today.” I do begin each day with a simple petition: “Father, let me live today in such a way that NOTHING of your kingdom work will be hindered because of me, and let the glory of your Son, Jesus, be reflected in my life.”
This verse closes with this beautiful prayer: “The LORD takes pleasure … in those that hope in his mercy.” If we do not recognize the hope that is found in mercy, we give God NO REASON to take pleasure in us. Let’s not consciously do anything today that would prohibit God from taking pleasure in us. Just My Thoughts  …


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