Give It Up!

“Say not thou, I will recompense evil; but wait on the LORD, and he shall save thee.” Proverbs 20.22

Doesn’t sound like much of a challenge for us, does it? But the first thought that comes to mind when I read this verse is an echo that whispers in the back of my mind that says something like this: “Don’t you let them get away with that. Stand up for your rights.” I’ve never lived during a time when slavery was legal and people were bought and sold in the marketplace. But I do know that slaves have no rights of their own. Their only goal in life is to follow the instructions of their master and let him take care of all the other necessities. In fact, this verse says, “he shall save (deliver) thee.” When a slave is purchased by a master, all his/her rights cease to exist. His master becomes responsible for 100% of the slave’s needs.
Do you think there might be less bickering, backbiting, and turmoil in our churches today if EACH ONE of us SURRENDERED our rights to OUR Master (and that must never be self) and gave up the right to get even? As you mentally walk through the pages of the Bible, you will notice that those who followed the Lord has less turmoil all the way abound when they SURRENDERED their will and rights to Him. It was when they insisted on having their own way – in everything – that things began to get out of hand.
Wouldn’t you like to go to Church Sunday knowing that no one there wants to “get even” with you? Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the peaceful harmony that comes when God’s people have REALLY stopped making life all about themselves and have said to God, “Whatever you want for me, Your will, your will I’ll obey …” Let’s accept the challenge and determine if someone is going to be out of sorts with God, it ISN’T going to be you! Just My Thoughts …


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