Compare Your God to Hannah’s God

“There is none holy as the LORD: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God.” 1Samuel 2.2

The setting for this verse arises our of God’s answer Hannah’s prayer for a son. Here was a barren woman who came to the God of heaven, and He did what only He could do – cause her to conceive a child. Look carefully at her words: “There is none holy as the LORD”; “there is none beside thee”; and finally, “neither is their any rock like our God.” She knows all of this about God even thought none of them had ever seen the risen Christ. Her view of God as a “holy God” brought a discipline to her life that kept her as the woman of God she had become. Her next observation is powerful as she declares that “there is none beside thee.” Israel has a habit of adopting the gods of the nations who were around them. So Hannah unequivocally states that Jehovah God was and is the only God. Those of us who are Christ-followers today would agree with Hannah in principle, but unfortunately we do not always live like Jehovah is the only God – we allow another “something” to wiggle itself into first place.
Now take notice of this last phrase: “neither is there any rock like our God.” When you think of the largest rock you have ever seen, and then try to compare that rock to God, Hannah is saying “neither is there ANY ROCK like our God.” One of the major insurance companies in America uses the Rock of Gibraltar as their logo. What are they saying by that? Our reputation for doing good business is as immovable as Gibraltar. Hannah is declaring that her God is greater than any other force that may exist. Do you place that kind of confidence in your God? He is more unmovable that any force you can imagine. Just My Thoughts  …


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