It’s Time!

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8.32

I know this verse is referring to the gospel and our freedom in Christ, but on this historic day, I want us to think about truth as it relates to our freedom as Americans. Truth is not relative nor is it ambiguous. It is instead an absolute certainty. So what is the truth we need to know about today and how we got to be where we are as a nation? The truth that we are built on as a nation is the unchanging fact that our forefathers came here to establish and maintain religious freedom. It was NEVER their intention that our government would have any control over the religious practices and beliefs held by those who make America their home. The Bible was not a book to be feared, but one to be a source of reference in our public schools. We have strayed a long way from that truth. Teachers are fearful of mentioning the Bible. School boards are fearful of allowing prayer in any assembly or activity.
The decision to cheapen the value of life was make a law when Roe vs. Wade was mandated and we as a nation embraced abortion. We have continued down a slippery slope by embracing homosexuality and all the various forms of sexual perversion that accompany it. (Please don’t misread that statement to say that this segment of society is somehow inferior to any other. God loves them just as much as He loves anyone else.) The TRUTH is God still loves America. WE as a nation have taken some very dangerous detours. If we ever want to hand of God to rest on our nation and guide us through the waters of moral uncertainty, we must see Him as our Friend, not someone who is so angry all the time that He wants nothing to do with us. In the words of John W. Peterson, song writer, It’s time for all America to pray.” Just My Thoughts  …


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