“FEAR? What Fear?”

“I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34.4

FEARS – who among us has not experienced fear? I know there are some things we SHOULD fear. As parents, we are careful to teach our children to fear certain things. One thing we all should fear is allowing Satan to have any element of control over our lives. But, let’s look at the Psalmist’s prescription for dealing with fear. If anyone had reason to fear, this would have been one such time in David’s life. He was in the presence of King Abimelech and wanted to save his own life.
Here is David’s prescription and the result of what he did: “I sought the Lord …” Seeking the Lord is a deliberate choice. No one does that by accident. David realized the impossibility of rescuing himself. If God doesn’t come through, he is a goner. Then we read, “He heard me …” God always hears the desperate cry of His children. Remember Peter when he was walking on the water. As he began to sink he cried, “Lord, save me!” The Lord’s response was immediate. The next phrase in this verse is what gives us comfort: “He delivered me from all my fears.” God’s deliverance is always right on time and just what we need. We don’t need to try to figure out how to do for ourselves what only God can do. We do need to come to Him first and trust that what He does next is exactly what we need. Just My Thoughts  …


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