He Hides Me!

“Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings,” Psalm 17.8

Think about that phrase: “the apple of the eye …” The psalmist is asking God to “keep” him as the apple of the eye. That means that he knows that he has been the apple of God’s eye. When I think about the fact that God would view me in that way is such an encouragement. I want to “live” in such a way that I KNOW He is watching me and my life is a reflection of His grace and mercy. When I am consciously aware of God’s watchful eye, my attitude changes, my behavior changes, my thought life changes and my purpose for living changes from what I want it to be to what He wants it to be.
This phrase “the shadow of thy wings” occurs more than once in the Old Testament – four times in the Psalms alone. It speaks of God’s protective shield that He places around His children. That shield is in place even when I do not realize it. You and I may never know the myriad of things that God protects us “from” that are totally unknown to us. I am thankful for the times God “hides” me. That keeps Satan from getting to me. Remember when we were kids and played hide-and-seek? When you found a good hiding place, nobody could find you. God’s hiding place is better than that one -it is the BEST. Find your comfort today is God’s eye being on you and His wings protecting you from whatever may come. Just my thoughts …


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