Consequences? Yes!

“Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.” Psalm 27.14

I want to continue my thoughts from yesterday on “Waiting on the Lord.” One thought that comes to mind for me is this: “Are there ny consequences if I choose not to wait on the Lord?” That is a powerful question and I can answer that is one word – YES! There are consequences when we don’t wait on God. I can’t enumerate all of them but I can take a shot at a few of them.
(1) When we choose not to wait on the Lord, we allow the good to become the enemy of the best. Satan whispers to us, “Go ahead. Do what you want. That seems like a good idea to me.” When we are content to settle for the “good” thing we think we can do instead of waiting for God’s best, we always come out on the losing end of things. (2) When we choose not to wait on the Lord, we are demonstrating a mind set that says to God, “I know more about what is best for me than You do!” The only thing that we know is what is happening at that very moment. We cannot see into the future at all, no matter how hard we try. God sees the beginning of our life, where we are right now, and where He wants to take us. If for one moment we believe that God does not always have our best interests at heart, we have believed Satan’s lie and we are doomed to fail. (3) When we choose not to wait on the Lord, we demonstrate to others by our actions that “Waiting on the Lord” is not really an option you are willing to consider. Such stubbornness, selfishness, and impulsive behavior leads us down a dead-end road. Any path on which God leads us is better than any dead end road. So I say again, “wait, I say, on the Lord.” Just my thoughts …


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