Finally … What?

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.” Ephesians 6.10

Here in Ephesians 6 Paul is instructing the Ephesian believers, and us too, in what it will take for us to victorious in our walk with the Lord. He has given advice for children, servants, and masters. That pretty well covered everyone in the Ephesian society. Then he says in v. 10, “Finally … “ With this word he is introducing a series of instructions that will benefit all who will read and apply them.
At the risk of over simplifying what Paul is saying, his counsel sounds so simple, so practical, so easy, and so right. But for many of God’s people, they struggle every day with the issue of trying to fight every battle in their own strength. Every battle may not that big or important, but any time you or I attempt to finish any battle in our own strength, we are destined for failure. Where it is a disagreement in our family between spouses, or an issue between parents or children, or a misunderstanding with a co-worker, if we do it OUR way, we may win the battle for the moment, but we may have wounded the other party for life. Walking with God is not a matter of us always winning … sometimes it is simply a matter of waiting for God to show “the power of his might.” If I understand Omnipotence correctly, God can do ANYTHING that is consistent with His nature. So, before we ever get to “Put on the whole armor of God … “ in v. 11, we must realize that WHATEVER battle comes, God will equip for the battle, but He will also WIN that battle for me. I just need to follow instructions. So, today remember to “be strong in the Lord …” Just my thoughts …


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