What Do You NEED from God?

“My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.” Psalm 73.26

How many times have you and I attempted to live our lives or attempt something for God in our own flesh? If we are honest with ourselves, it is more times than we both want to admit. Asaph is brutally honest in this psalm. We are only lifting this one verse for our “thoughts” today, but the entire psalm merits our diligent study.
He begins with a very convicting phrase: “My flesh and my heart faileth … “What does it mean for our “flesh” to fail? Let me suggest that our flesh in and of itself does not have any capacity to accomplish in us what we need each day to live for God. There is nothing that I can do to imitate God sufficiently to make the flesh look good. What does it mean for our “heart” to fail? Let me also suggest that, even though  my heart have the desire to do what I want, it still lacks what is needed to live for and serve God. So we must conclude, as Asaph did, that we don’t have what it takes in our flesh and in our heart to accomplish ANYTHING for God. That seems a little hard to swallow doesn’t it? But he does not stop there.
“God is the strength of my heart … “ How much strength does God have? It is ENOUGH! He is willing to share His strength with us. All we need to do is acknowledge our need and His ability to supply that need. In my flesh, when I fret and worry about what God knows and what God can do, I am consciously sinning against the characteristics of God that are designed to meet every need that I have.
Asaph continues: “and (God is) my portion forever.” How long is forever? It can’t be measured! In order for God to be “my portion forever,” I must realize that I am insufficient in and of myself. That allows me to exercise my freedom to ask God to be “my portion forever.” Do you want God to be “the strength of (your) heart?” Do you want God to be “(your) portion forever?” The ball is in your court. Let God be God, starting today. Just my thoughts …


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