Go Ahead – Ask!

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:” Matthew 7.7

We find this verse tucked somewhere in the middle of the Sermon on the Mount. Chapter 5.1 tells that Jesus’ disciples came to Him, and He begins a rather lengthy dialogue with them about how to live.

In the midst of others principles for living He utters this verse. We all immediately recognize three key words: (1) ask, (2) seek, and (3) knock. In the arena of “asking” I believe we are called upon to be living in such a manner that we want for ourselves what God wants for us. That being said, we certainly want to know His will when we are asking.

When it comes to seeking, would you agree that God wants us in His Word on a regular basis so that the things for which we are seeking are things He wants us to find. I have heard so many Christians say something like: “If God would just show me His will, I would do it.” God is not going to show us anything OUTSIDE His Word until we have obeyed all we know that is revealed INSIDE His Word. When we read God’s Word, the Holy Spirit is able to teach us what our net step needs to be. This is just my belief, but I think God wants us to read His Word in some systematic fashion, so that we eventually have read all of it and have begun to obey those things He has told us to do.

Finally, this word “knock” carries a lot of weight. Have you noticed that there is a difference between “knocking” on a door and “forcing” a door open? We have watched enough programs on TV to know how the police open a door that is locked and the person refuses to open it.

Consider this principle … when God opens a door, He intends for us to go through it. If He doesn’t open it and we force a door open, what we find on the other side may APPEAR to be just exactly what we wanted, but it will prove to be something other than God’s Best for us. Just my thoughts …


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