Is His God My God?

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4.19

How many times have you awakened to start a new day and felt spiritually bankrupt? I must admit that has happened to me far more times than I want to admit. When Paul declares that God will supply all my needs, he is talking about more than financial needs. God wants to supply all my needs period – no matter in what arena of life they occur.

It is one thing for us to say to someone that God is enough. It is quite another thing to “let” Him be enough. What do I mean by that? How many times have we realized that we were in desperate need spiritually, but we have looked everywhere else but to God to get that need supplied? IF God is able to supply ALL my needs, then when ANY area of my life is struggling, He needs to be my FIRST place to go, not the last one, after I have tried everything and everyone else.

Look at the reservoir of God’s resources – the riches in glory that belong to Christ Jesus. We are often quick to remind others that God is enough, and we should be doing that. But we should also be demonstrating by our simple acts of faith that God is enough. Walking WITH God and not somewhere behind Him requires diligent focus so that we do not lose sight of Who He is and All that He wants to be for us.

Look at Paul’s choice of words here: “My God …” This God was very personal to Paul. Maybe we should be asking, “Is Paul’s God my God?” I don’t have to have a Damascus Road experience to believe that His God and My God are the same. I simply need to exercise the same bold faith. And these are just my thoughts …


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