A Pay Check or a Gift – You Decide!

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6.23

I remember my first job. I started passing papers for the Cincinnati Enquirer. It was a morning paper that meant I had to get up pretty early to deliver the papers. I was excited to be receiving an income, although it was somewhat meager. I liked having a “wage” coming in. My first regular job was working in a shoe store. And again, I appreciated a wage after I had finished my work.

Funny thing about Satan, he says he is going to pay a wage to all who spend their entire life serving him. But I am afraid most people who are serving him haven’t really thought the “wages of sin.” The verse written above says that the wage Satan is offering is death.

This is a very special weekend in the lives of many people. Some churches offer a Good Friday service for those who want to attend. It has been my experience over the years that many people who don’t normally attend church like to attend Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Here is a bit of information that they need to think about. Satan doesn’t really care if you attend church – Good Friday, Easter, Christmas – as long as you don’t get radical and begin believing that God can change your life for the better. Satan doesn’t even care if you read the Bible, as long as it never changes you.

Now let me ask a question. Would you rather receive a wage that promises to send you into a Christless eternity or a gift that will guarantee a place in heaven because you have received eternal life? This GIFT of eternal life is what Christ is offering to all those who will take the time to hear the message of hope that brings eternal life.

I don’t understand how someone can hear the gospel message of hope and then reject it because they want to go on enjoying their life of sin. The greatest GIFT I have ever received in ETERNAL LIFE and want to do all in my power to help others enjoy that gift too. Just my thoughts …


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