How Is YOUR Day Going?

This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118.24

How many times have you awakened and said to yourself, “I just can’t go on. This day is going to be so very difficult.” If you are like me, you may never have said them out loud, but you have thought them a number of times.

I believe that is a definite time for you and me to draw on the resources of the verse quoted above. Since the Lord made the day, if we allow Him to do so, He will guide us through all the rough waters. He will make a way through any detour that pops up. Simply believing that it is the Lord who made this day should give each one of us a sense of confidence and purpose for the day that lies ahead.

Look carefully at the words in the last half of the verse: “we will rejoice and be glad in it.” The phrase “we will rejoice” indicates that we have a choice n whether or not we rejoice. Some years ago I saw a phrase on a pin that said, “Thou shalt not whine!” Did you know that it doesn’t take any effort to whine? We come by that trait quite naturally. But it DOES take some effort to make the decision NOT to whine. Choosing to rejoice indicates that we actually BELIEVE that God is in control of our day.

Now we are faced with how to “be glad in it.” Once again I ask you to take note of what the verse DOES say, not what you may think it says. Here it is, we WILL be glad IN it. Now being glad in it is not the same as being glad for it. Being glad in it means that no matter what the day holds for me, I can and I will be glad because the LORD (the eternal self-existent one who reveals himself) has promised never to leave me or forsake me and He always keep His promises. Just my thoughts ,,,


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