Are We Listening?

Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established.” Proverbs 16.3

What is the correlation between committing our works unto the Lord and our thoughts being established? I think Solomon had a pretty good handle on what he was talking about. Think about the work you and I do “unto the Lord … ” That kind of work requires a focus that is different from what we typically focus on. The nature of this work as well as the intentional doing of it takes the focus completely off of us and places it directly on the Lord. In order to “commit” to anything or anyone, we must make a deliberate choice. Can I suggest that no one commits his or her work to the Lord by accident? I think we can begin to see here that in order for our “thoughts (plans)” to be established, there must already be a commitment to the Lord.

How interesting, how life-changing would it be for each one of us if we knew that our thoughts or plans we under God’s control and were already “established”, meaning that God is going to oversee EVERYTHING we DO and EVERYTHING we THINK? This is the Lord’s Day. Most of God’s children want to some part of today in the house of God with His people. When we greet each other, is there genuine concern for our fellow believers or are just going through some kind motions to make others THINK we are genuine?

Let me suggest an idea that will help each one of us fulfill the principles in the verse above. Let’s begin each day with a surrender of all that we are and all that we want to do that day to the Lord for His guidance and His approval. Next, let’s ask Him to guide each thought, each plan, each action that will unfold before us that day. Finally, let’s determine to be sensitive to His Holy Spirit, who lives within us and wants to guide us, so that we hear His voice and realize it IS His voice and God IS speaking to us. I believe there would be a very positive difference for each one of us. Just my thoughts …


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