God CAN Do It All!

But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19.26

This verse is short but filled with a powerful truth. I shouldn’t be surprised, but after 50+ years of ministry, I still hear people say things like, “God’s can’t do that.” We have all heard the phrase, “Think outside the box”, but I fear that many of God’s children want to put God IN a box. Not only is that not a wise thing to do; but if our view of God is limited, then our daily life and our prayer life are subject to being bound by the borders of the box into which we have put God.

Since these words are from the lips of Jesus, we must make the choice to believe them or live a life of fear, frustration, disappointment, and that would be calling God a liar. I don’t think anyone wants to go there. Now I know these words have a context and I don’t want to try to make them say something they don’t really say. But you and I can take these words, “with God all things are possible” and believe them in any circumstance. Remember, there is a difference in what God CAN do and what He CHOOSES to do.

Think for a moment – when was the last time you can remember being in a difficult situation and only God could bring you through it? Were you reluctant to ask God, did you seek to solve it for yourself first, or did you go immediately to the throne of grace to find help in a time of need? I am willing to gladly admit that I come to God first a lot more times in my life now than I did when I was younger. That gives me a freedom to live my life without thinking I must solve every problem myself. I am glad that “with God all things are possible.” I want each of us to take this truth with us through today and then for the rest of our lives. Just my thoughts …


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