Why Am I Stuck Where I Am?

Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.” Psalm 119.165

I think you have to read that verse a few times before its truth sinks in. We are living in a time where many people – even Christians – are offended so easily. And the result of that offense is the reason so many “professing Christians” don’t go to church. We get offended is someone doesn’t shake our hand. We get offended if we are overlooked after we have done something “for the church”. The list could be extensive but there is no need.

Let’s look carefully at the two phrases in this verse: “Great peace have they which love thy law … ” What does it mean to “love” the law of God? Would that include the Bible – God’s written word? I surely think so. One of the problems with a careless or spasmodic reading of God’s Word is that we know just enough to be dangerous. I can’t love something deeply until I have examined it enough to have more than a superficial knowledge of it. When I am willing to love God’s law, then I am willing to allow His Word to correct me when I am wrong. I am willing to live my life in accordance with God’s Word rather than contrary to it.

Now this last phrase: “nothing shall offend them.” Our purpose in going to the house of God is not to get someone to shake our hand. Nor is it to allow us to find something that we don’t like and let that offend us. Our purpose – our only purpose – is to worship with the people of God. So what if I don’t like the color of paint on the walls. So what if I don’t like the new carpet. So what if they don’t sing my favorite songs all the time. If I am OFFENDED by these things, then I have allowed “my stuff” to get in the way of worshiping my Heavenly Father. And believe it or not, He does care if I worship Him. Just my thoughts …


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